1679 Gilmore Ave. at 1st Ave. in Burnaby 604.294.3087


Is it in good condition?
We treat our clients with dignity and respect, and part of that is about being able to offer items that can be used as intended (and loved!) by our furniture and household goods recipients. The furniture we receive and pick up will find its way into the home of one of our clients who are relying on good, clean and usable goods.

Upholstered furniture must have no stains, tears, rips, worn spots or pet attack areas. Mattresses must be free of stains and tears and not older than 8 years.

We are unable to carry items up or down any inside stairs due to the risk of damage to walls, etc. in addition to the strain caused to our volunteers. As such, your donations must be on the ground level of the home (no inside stairs).

As long as your furniture and housewares have been gently used, we’d love to have it.

Is pick-up free?
We ask for a minimum $100 donation on pick-up (dependent on the number of items being donated, the distance travelled and scheduling; i.e. rush or regular pick up). We can issue a tax receipt on request. We use these funds to offset the gas and vehicle expense of picking up from you and dropping off to those in need.

What are your pick-up and drop-off areas?
We will pick up and drop off all over the Lower Mainland.  Please Note: We are currently unable to pick up in Surrey, Delta, Langley and Maple Ridge.

Can I drop off my items?
Yes, by appointment only, we accept donations of clothing and small household goods Tuesday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm at 1679 Gilmore Avenue, Burnaby. We can also accept your donations of larger household furniture items with prior notice. Our warehouse is always quite full, so we need to make arrangements to make room for your furniture donation. Please call us 604.294.3087 to see if we have room.

What is your pick-up and drop-off schedule?
We pick up during the day, seven days a week, when our volunteers are available. Please allow up to two weeks to arrange your donation pick-up. We drop off to those in need on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11am and 3pm.

Why was my donation declined?
We are fortunate and very grateful to have so many generous supporters who continue to help us set a high standard for the quality of donations we accept. Our space is very limited and our volunteer time is precious. Please be selective with your contributions. We do not have the facilities to clean or repair items.

How can I refer someone for help?
View our referral form and arrange to get this filled in. The form explains the procedure that takes place on Monday nights.

Do you take appliances / TVs?
We do not take appliances. Working TVs, as well as DVD and VCR players, with a manufacture date of 2018 and newer, are accepted. (Check the serial number plate on the back of the TV for a manufacture date.)

Can I trade up?
No! Our policy is to help those in need only one time. It is our hope that with this help our clients will get themselves established in their homes and lives.

Will my donation be sold?
We will, on occasion, sell antique and retro furniture items and larger pieces that will not fit in a standard size apartment. In those cases, 100 per cent of the proceeds raised goes directly to paying our monthly expenses: rent, heat, light, fuel and vehicle repairs.